Unconventional Oil and Gas Services Driven By Excellence

Energy products such as unconventional oil and gas play an important role in a healthy economy, particularly in North America. As a company, we are committed to helping companies in the unconventional oil and gas sector become more effective and efficient in managing costs and delivery all along their respective supply chains. 

We understand the complexities involved in your business and manage our services in a manner that enables us to deliver whatever transportation solutions you require. Our company’s record for safety and on-time delivery enable us to provide you with a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. The quality of our top-notch drivers is bolstered by a network of facilities that stretches across the major shale formations in North America. This means that anywhere you are, we are there, too, ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

We Keep Safety Top of Mind

At QDI, safety is not just a consideration, it is a way of life. We ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, and have developed safety programs and processes that enable us to maintain an unwavering commitment to the safety of your products, your personnel and your business. This commitment extends to our team and the communities through which we travel while serving you. 

The depth of our technology investment ensures that real-time reporting and point-to-point visibility all along your supply chain, whether upstream, midstream or downstream, are always accessible by you. As a leading tanker trucking company, we focus on being a key partner and solution provider for your supply chain needs regardless of how complex the challenges. There are no surprises with QDI.

Arrange your Oil & Gas Transportation Today!

To find out more about QDI’s industry-best services for the unconventional oil and gas industry, please call 1-855-426-4285. We look forward to the opportunity to describe our services in more detail, as well as answering any questions you may have.   

Quality Distribution. Driven By Excellence.