Chemical Transportation Driven By Excellence

At QDI, our primary concern in dealing with our valued customers in the chemical industry is safety. From ensuring that both QDI and its customers adhere to the most stringent regulatory and industry safety protocols to ensuring the safe operation of all equipment in use to providing specialized driver training in the safe transportation and handling of hazardous materials, we leave no stone unturned in our processes and procedures for safety in this industry.

This high regard for safety is the primary reason QDI, its affiliates and its drivers adhere to the guidelines handed down by the American Chemistry Council (ACC). QDI is a proud member of the ACC and actively supports its mission to deliver business value through exceptional advocacy using best-in-class member performance, political engagement, communications and scientific research. We ensure that the QDI team is familiar with not only the ACC guidelines but also the guidlines of our customers, and we make sure your safety and operational requirements are integrated with our own. We require that every driver working with you obtain and maintain the proper license and endorsements allowing them to handle and ship hazardous materials, including toxins, flammables and corrosives.

Bulk Chemical Trucking You Can Rely On

We conduct regular inspections and perform scheduled maintenance of all equipment to ensure every piece involved in transporting your chemical products works properly. We use only those trailers, fittings and accessories that are appropriate for the bulk chemical materials being transported. The loading and unloading of these chemical products are given heightened sensitivity during any transfer process, and transfers are conducted under protocols and procedures developed to ensure the safety of all personnel and equipment in use, as well as to protect your materials from undue exposure to the environment or contaminants.  

Is Your Company in Need of a Chemical Supply Transportation?

In chemical transportation, QDI provides industry-leading people, processes and equipment that help ensure we meet your business requirements. We leave nothing to chance, especially the success of our valued customers. To find out more about QDI and its services related to the chemical transportation industry, please call us 1-800-282-2031. We look forward to answering your questions.

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